burton ale t4

A couple of months ago I brewed two ales using 19th Century recipes from the Truman brewery in Burton.

Here’s how they turned out.

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finding beer balance

Finding beer balance: there’s more to life than beer, and more to beer than drinking it.

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two beers from one mash

Last weekend I brewed my attempt at the International Homebrew Project Burton Ale.

After last year’s very strong mild left me feeling I’d missed a trick, this time I prepared myself for brewing two beers from the one mash.

Here’s how I planned it, and what actually happened.

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special bitter recipe

I never tire of drinking bitters and ales and always enjoy brewing different versions of them.

This special bitter recipe was built around Mapuche hops, but you could easily substitute another to make it your own.

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coffee porter recipe

Here are some notes and ideas for a porter recipe that includes coffee.

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single hops beers - mapuche, saaz and nugget hops

Brewing single hop beers is an easy way of trying out different hops. It also makes great beer.

I recently tasted three of my single hop beers side by side to see how much difference hop variety can make. This is how it went.

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designing a beer recipe

Single hop beers are a great way to test and explore the flavours of different hop varieties.

Here are some ideas for developing a base recipe.

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beef stew with stout

As a bit of light relief from home brewing, here’s a recipe for a tasty beef stew with stout.

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novelty beer cock ale

Every once in a while it’s good to let your hair down, go out on a limb and try something new.

Which is why I brewed this interesting and unusual historic beer.

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Brewing a saison

Of all the types of beer in the world, perhaps the one you hear about most in home brewing is saison.

Here’s a guide to this popular brew that includes a bit of history and ideas for formulating your own recipes.

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oatmeal stout malt tasting

As you’ll know if you’re a regular follower of this blog, I recently designed an oatmeal stout recipe using the BJCP style guide. I wanted to see where pure numerical analysis of ingredients would get me.

While the beer came out fine, there was plenty of room for improvement. Here’s my updated recipe, which works much better.

Take a look at the oatmeal stout recipe

Designing beer recipes - oatmeal stout - using the BJCP style guide.

After mastering basic brewing techniques, the next useful thing to know is how to design beer recipes. Here I show you how to do just that using the BJCP style guide.

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