Online Home Brew: 19 Useful Websites For Home Brewers

These days it’s common for brewers to use the internet to find information and recipes.

There’s a lot out there. Here are a few of the websites I refer to most often.

online home brew

You may already know about these sites – if so sorry. I compiled the list to help the many beginner brewers who read this blog.

Some of them are resources that helped me get started, while others are newer discoveries.

I’ve divided the list into three broad categories: general information, blogs, and brewing calculators.

So without further ado here they are:

General Home Brewing Websites

These are resources with good starting material. Begin with these when looking for general brewing information.

How To Brew

online home brew how to brew

I might as well start in the same place as most others with John Palmer’s classic guide to brewing.

Although there’s more information than you need at the beginning, it’s a great reference that you keep going back to.

Home Brew Talk Ingredients Database

online home brew home brew talk

When planning recipes it’s useful to check up on different ingredients.

This guide has summaries of most of the ingredients you’re likely to use.

Home Brew Stack Exchange

online home brew stack exchange

There are many brewing forums around. Stack Exchange is my favourite.

The answers are always in-depth and a voting system means that the most useful information finds its way to the top.

A great place to go when troubleshooting your beers and brewing process.

BJCP Style Guide

online home brew bjcp style guide

Although I’m not keen on brewing strictly according to predetermined styles, the BJCP guide has lots of information if that’s what you’re trying to do.

Browsing by beer style, you can find information on typical malt, hops and yeast, as well as numerical details such as target original gravity and bitterness.

Beer Hunter

online home brew beer hunter

Beer Hunter contains articles by the late Michael Jackson, one of the main instigators of the 70s beer revival.

The many interesting subjects can be searched by beer style, and it’s a good place to read about beer’s history and culture.

Home Brewing Blogs

These sites are regularly updated with new brewing information.

BeerSmith Podcast

online home brew beersmith

Brad Smith’s monster site has many reference articles covering beer styles and ingredients and various aspects of brewing.

However, I’ve listed it here for the podcast. Always featuring interesting guests with ideas for improving your brew, it’s informative listening for when you want to unwind with a beer.

Try thisDesigning Beer With Randy Mosher

Billy Brew

online home brew billy brew

Billy Broas’ blog doesn’t cover just home brew. In fact it’s mainly about craft beer.

That said, there are some interesting and useful home brewing articles, especially if you dig through the archives to the early days.

Try thisThe Most Common Question About Home Brewing

The Perfect Pint

online home brew perfect pint

The Perfect Pint regularly publishes home brew recipes that are always backed up with detailed background information on ingredients and techniques.

Reading these articles gives me insight into ingredient choices in recipes, and makes me think more about my own brews.

Try thisA Near Perfect Pint

Brew Science

online home brew brew science

Brew Science is a popular blog that, as you’d expect, covers home brewing in scientific detail.

Although that might sound off putting, it’s clearly written, easy to read and full of useful information.

Try thisEffects of Fermentation Temperature On Beer

Ryan Brews

online home brew ryan brews

Ryan Brews is another blog with detailed recipes. He tends to brew slightly unusual beers with less common grains and ingredients.

He also provides us with detailed guides about how to do things.

Try thisCandy Syrup The Right Way

This Is Why I’m Drunk

online home brew this is why im drunk

This Is Why I’m Drunk only narrowly qualifies as a home brew site because it mainly features beer write ups.

The reason I’ve included it is because it’s a great place to find out about different beers being made commercially (mainly in the United States), and to look for ideas for your own brews.

I’m not usually a fan of beer reviews, but Bryan manages to keep his interesting and informative.

Try thisPassionate Fermentation

Brew Dudes

online home brew brew dudes

Brew Dudes is an established blog with lots of information in the archives.

I especially enjoy their profiles of brewing ingredients.

Try thisBrew Dudes Hop Profiles

Mad Fermentationist

online home brew mad fermentationist

It’d be great to have the brewing knowledge of the Mad Fermentationist.

But until then we can read his site, find out more about brewing and get inspiration for our next batch.

Try thisToasted Oat Coffee Stout Recipe

Shut Up About Barclay Perkins

online home brew shut up about barclay perkins

It’s hard to keep up with the pace on Ron Pattinson’s blog that mainly covers brewing history.

My favourite part is Let’s Brew Wednesday which gives you the chance to brew commercial beers from the past.

Try thisFullers 1955 Mild Recipe

Brewing Calculators

Finally, here’s a run through of online brewing calculators. Even if you’re following a recipe by heart, it’s useful to check how your beer’s going.

Calculators can also be handy if you’re making hop or malt substitutions, for example, and want to see that the beer’s still going to have the same strength or hoppiness as the original recipe.



online home brew hopville

Hopville’s online calculator lets you plan beer recipes without too much guess work. You feed in malt, hops and other ingredients and it gives you expected strength, bitterness and more.

There’s also an option to check the beer against a target style and make adjustments to suit.

Finally, you can save and share your recipes on the site, or view ones put there by others. It’s a resource to consult when planning a brew.


Mr Malty Yeast Calculator

online home brew mr malty yeast calculator

Sometimes you need to check you’re pitching enough yeast, perhaps because you’re brewing an extra strong barley wine.

This calculator helps, and also tells you if you need to make a yeast starter or not.


Tasty Brew Priming Sugar Calculator

online home brew tasty brew priming calculator

Finally, I use this priming sugar calculator to determine how much sugar to add when bottling my beer.

It lets you set a few variables such as temperature and volume of beer, and suggests appropriate amounts of gas according to beer style.

What Have I Missed?

What are the online brewing resources you use most?

I’d love to discover some new ones.

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  1. Well I have no idea why you’d want to include my incessant ramblings, but boy is it appreciated. One of the things I want to start doing more is discussing my homebrews, so this is very timely!

    … and it goes without saying, this is an incredibly useful list of sites. It’s getting bookmarked.

    • John

      Hi Bryan,

      I enjoy reading your blog and get ideas from it so it made sense to include you. (It’d be good if you covered more UK beers though!).

      Will look forward to hearing more about your home brewing.

  2. Carl durose

    A guide to Apps would be useful as some of the forums have these but for the calculations they can be very useful as I’m more likely to have a smartphone with me whilst brewing than a computer.

    • John

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      That’s something I’d like to cover in the future as I can see it would be useful for many brewers.


  3. Hi,

    Awesome site you’ve got here!
    Just an fyi, another homebrew site worth mentioning is the good old online recipe calculator, Cyberbrau (


  4. Shane

    Here are a couple of great sites to save on home brewing equipment and supplies.

    Home Brewing Deal:

    Home Brewing Coupon:


  5. A great list of sites, I’ve recently been growing my own hops at home and a site I found useful was: