beer audit

This is an inventory of my beer reserves on March 1 2013.

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bottle carbonation time

Here are the results of a quick bottle carbonation experiment. How long should you wait before putting your beer in the fridge?

See what I found out about bottle carbonation time

brewers and drinkers

Last week, hosting this month’s Session, I asked what knowing about brewing does to your enjoyment of beer.

Here’s the round-up.

Find out what everyone thought

wort gravity

Being able to achieve your target original gravity on brew day gives you a fighting chance when planning recipes.

To do it you need to take a close look at how your brewing set-up works.

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wort volume in home brewing brew pot

My obsession with knowing more about my brew process continues. This time I’m looking closely at wort volumes.

This article explains why and how to measure the changing volumes of liquid on brew day, and how that makes recipe planning more effective.

More about measuring and predicting wort volume

brewers and drinkers

Next month I’m pleased to be hosting The Session, the monthly exchange of ideas by beer bloggers. Here’s the announcement post!

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home brew manual birthday

One year ago I published the first Home Brew Manual post. It’s hard to believe, it’s gone so quickly.

As a bit of fun to mark this historic occasion, I thought I’d look into what have emerged as the most popular posts.

Popular Home Brew Manual posts

measure beer gravity wort

Gravity’s a measure of how much sugar is in your beer. It has a big impact on the character of your brews so it’s important to know how to measure it.

Here’s an illustrated guide explaining how it all works.

Learn how to use a hydrometer measure beer gravity

getting better at home brewing (glass of saison)

After two years of home brewing, I’ve decided it’s time to really get to the bottom of how to make great beer.

Here’s what I’ve got in mind.

See how I plan to improve my home brew

oatmeal stout to rule them all session 66

Is there one beer you enjoy more than any other? Is it possible to have a favourite?

Let’s find out.

What is the one beer to rule them all?

single infusion mash temperatures for home brew

Sometimes it seems that the more you learn about brewing the less you know. There are so many variables that you can’t possibly manage all of them at once.

However, there’s one thing that’s easily controlled and can alter the profile of your beer significantly: mash temperatures.

Find out how mash temperatures give you control over your home brew

session 70 beer hype

Home brewing is a great social activity but it’s also fun to do alone. Is either way better?

More about solitary brewing