Pale Ale Malt


Pale ale is a base malt used in most English ales.

Base malts can be used to form the bulk of the grain bill in all grain brewing because they contain enough enzymes to convert starch inside the grains to sugar. What's more, they have sufficient surplus to convert other speciality grains and adjuncts as well.

In terms of colour, pale ale is between pilsner and mild ale. Used alone it will yield a darker beer than an equivalent amount of pilsner malt and for that reason it's used extensively in brown and dark beers and less so in yellow ones.

The characteristic malty taste is full and flavoursome. I've used pale ale malt alone, with no other grains; the result was an intense and rich beer.

Varieties such as Maris Otter and Halcyon are also pale ale malts

Tasting Notes

SRM Colour

3 - 4

Used in

Bitter, Porter, Stout, Lager


Pale Ale
Pale Ale Malt

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