Honey is one of the oldest brewing ingredients in the world. It is naturally produced by bees from the nectar of flowers.

When used alone in brewing it produces mead. It can be added to beers to enhance flavour or, when used in more substantial quantities, makes braggot.

The taste of honey complements both sweet malt and floral hops. The flavours and aromas are delicate, and best results are achieved if the honey is added after the boil, and preferably after primary fermentation.

Honey contains wild yeast and bacteria so there is a slight chance of infection when added to beers. It is unlikely that you'll suffer problems, provided your other sanitisation methods are sound, but if you're concerned you can pasteurise it by heating to 80°C for two and a half hours.

Tasting Notes

SRM Colour


Used in

Mead, braggot, honey beer, anything you fancy



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