Crystal 140L Malt


A dark roast crystal malt made from pale ale malt.

Crystal, or caramel, malts are made by roasting grains while they are wet. This process produces a sweet sugary liquid inside the grain, which gives them their name.

As with all caramel malts, Crystal 140L doesn't need mashing and can be steeped.

Mashing means soaking with a base malt so that enzymes in the grain can convert starch into sugar. Because the crystal malt already contains sugars it is simply extracted by soaking.

The ease of extraction means caramel malts are a great way of adding flavour to extract brewed beers.

Crystal malt is very dark and verges on being burnt.

Tasting Notes


A very sweet smell, reminiscent of Soreen.

The raw grain tastes sweet, almost like honey. There's also a malty taste similar to granary bread.

After steeping, the malt tastes similar to Soreen malt loaf. It releases very dark colours into the water.

There is a raisin sweetness, and a slightly astringent aftertaste.

Great for adding caramel sugar and raisin flavours but be careful about using in excess because of the astringency.

I tasted the malt by steeping it in water for five minutes to prepare a malt tea.

SRM Colour


Used in

Old ales, barley wines, stouts


Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher

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