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I often wonder if my home brew actually tastes any good.

To me it does and it usually gets good reviews from friends and family, but is it really good beer or does it’s reputation precede it?

Does Home Brew Taste Better?

why sanitise fermenter filled with beer

Brewing instructors constantly drum home the importance of sanitising. But is it really necessary?

Why sanitise?

measuring final gravity of beer after fermentation

One of the things that annoys me about home brewing is the endless variation and confusion when it comes to units of measure.

To make things slightly clearer, I’ve decided to find out what connects degrees Plato to specific gravity.

Find out what connects degrees plato to specific gravity

what is secondary fermentation (fermenting bucket)

Many brewers swear that secondary fermentation improves their beer. However, this is much debated with many claiming it’s unnecessary.

Here are the arguments for and against.

What is secondary fermentation? Find out now…

beer ingredients hops

I recently published a visual guide to beer bitterness which used IBUs to chart various beer styles. But what exactly is an IBU and what does it mean for beer?

Find out what IBU means

home brew when to bottle

There are various schools of thought about the best time to bottle home brew. It may be later than you think.

Find out when to bottle your home brew


There’s nothing worse than opening your long awaited bottle of home brew only to find the beer flat and lifeless. Thankfully it’s easy to make sure this doesn’t happen.

More about flat beer…