home brewing calculations

Despite the amount of brew software that’s out there, it’s undoubtedly useful to be able to do your own brewing calculations.

I’ve been finding out how, and you can too if you want. All you have to do is keep reading!

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home brewing log sheets

Most home brewers eventually start taking notes. They’re pretty much essential if you want to repeat a good batch, or troubleshoot a bad one.

The type of notes I take has changed with my brew process. Here’s my current record sheet, not quite featuring the kitchen sink but getting there.

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starting your own blog

These days it’s common for brewers to use the internet to find information and recipes.

There’s a lot out there. Here are a few of the websites I refer to most often.

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beer bitterness ratios

The balance between sweet malt and bitter hop flavours is a defining characteristic of most beer. It’s essential you think about this if you want to control the taste of your home brew.

But how can you measure this balance?

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home brew record keeping (hand written)

It’s rare that a given home brew recipe matches your brewing efficiency, hop variety or target batch size. Use these calculations to resize any recipe on brew day.

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beer alcohol content image

After previous charts describing bitterness, gravity and colour, I’ve decided to continue my exploration of the BJCP style guide. This time I’m looking at beer alcohol content.

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brewing conversion tables

When reviewing beer recipes I find myself endlessly converting pounds and ounces to kilos, and Fahrenheit to Celsius.

In order to speed up this process, I created these brewing conversion tables with all the necessary information in one place.

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Home brewing record sheets from the Home Brew Manual

Since I started making my own beer I’ve generally cobbled together brewing records after each batch. These have become more and more unwieldy so I’ve decided to get things in order.

I’ve put together a printable record sheet for remembering key information.

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beer gravity

This chart of beer gravities, which forms part of my ongoing exploration of the BJCP style guide, will be useful if you need a quick point of reference before brewing.

But first, what exactly is beer gravity?

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Beer colour chart showing SRM according to beer style

Continuing my recent exploration of beer styles as defined by the BJCP, here is another Home Brew Manual chart.

This one displays SRM beer colours according to style, and will be a useful reference guide when you plan your next beer.

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Beer Colours

The SRM beer colour scale can be used to define and identify particular beer styles. The large scale swatches on this page illustrate all the colours of the scale.

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Beer IBUs according to the BJCP Style Guide

The BJCP guide contains a variety of beer measurements that define different styles of beer.

I’ve drawn this beer bitterness chart to describe the target IBU value of every beer style, according to figures given in the guide.
IBU chart