The One Beer To Rule Them All

Is there one beer you enjoy more than any other? Is it possible to have a favourite?

Let’s find out.

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The Perfect Beer

I’m always uncomfortable with requests for favourites because for me enjoyment is often a result of variety and surprise. A favourite suggests something better than the rest, which you’d always take over anything else.

But I always choose something different.

Light thirst quenchers with barbecues, slightly flat beer with curries or thick, heartening winter warmers in warm pubs on cold evenings.

I like them all.

However, the latest Session (bloggers sharing thoughts on beer), this time hosted by Craig at Drink Drank, asks us to put forward “the perfect beer”.

The Perfect Brew

In my opinion the ultimate beer is one that’s slightly better than the last.

One of the things I love about brewing is that you always get another chance. You can tweak until you completely exhaust every last idea, each time edging slowly towards the master beer.

If it was as easy as dreaming up the perfect recipe and sticking with it, I would have done it by now.

Instead it’s a process of gradual improvement that will eventually yield the perfect beer. Maybe.

So with that in mind, here is my proposal for the Beer To Rule Them All, the next iteration of my oatmeal stout recipe.

Brewing The Oatmeal Stout To Rule Them All

The current version is not especially satisfying. The malt flavours were as hoped (rich and tasty), but the beer was slightly bitter.

The colour also fell short of expectations, coming out muddy brown instead of the planned black. And the oats were subtle, to say the least.

Here is my corrective recipe:

Oatmeal Tweaker

Recipe Volume
10 litres

Pale Ale: 1.7 kg
Munich: 0.6kg
Crystal 120L: 0.35kg
Black Patent: 0.2kg
Oats: 0.2kg (toasted for 15mins @ 150°C)

Mash Time
90 mins

Mash Target Temperature

Fuggles (4.3%): 16g for 60 mins
Kent Goldings (4.5%): 2g for 20 mins
(34 IBUs)

Danstar Windsor Dry Yeast

Assumes 60% efficiency

oatmeal stout recipe to rule them all

The beer is still fermenting so I can’t say if I’ve discovered the ultimate recipe.

All I know is the best beer is the next one.

What About You?

What’s your favorite beer?

Have you perfected your brews to the point that you’d change nothing?

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