adding priming sugar to fermenter

Priming is an important part of home brewing. Without it you won’t have much foam or aroma and your brew won’t look at lot like beer.

So here’s a guide to priming sugar including how to use just the right amount.

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home brewing malt profiles

Malt’s such an important part of brewing beer that it’s a good idea to know what it tastes like.

Here’s a simple way to develop your own malt flavour profiles and really understand how each malt influences your beer.

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john palmer residual alkalinity talk at buenos aires craft beer festival

I don’t usually include news and reviews, but having got back from the International Craft Beer Festival in Buenos Aires I thought it was worth sharing the highlights here on the blog.

Water is a key element of brewing and, after John Palmer’s talk at the event, I’m now inspired to find out more about it.
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making yeaster starter jar yeast

Yeast starters are often mentioned by advanced home brewers as the one thing they wish they’d starting doing earlier. When I finally got round to trying I realised why.

Here I’ll show you how to start. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

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brewing with oats gummy residue in mash

If you want to add more texture and body to your beer, brewing with oats is a good option. Here I look at some of the issues, focusing on an example oatmeal stout brew day.

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harvesting yeast after aeration

In an attempt to make my brewing more efficient, continuous and economical I’ve been investigating how to harvest yeast from bottles. Here I explain how to do it.

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beer ingredients hops malt yeast water

The first in a new series focusing on beer ingredients, in this article I give an introduction to the four main components of home brew: malt, hops, yeast and water.

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dry hop pellets in fermenter

Dry hopping is one of the many ways you can add punch to the flavour of your beer. It gives you hop aroma and flavour without bitterness.

Here I look at some of the ideas and techniques behind it, all illustrated with a recent brew.

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