The Beer Audit

This is an inventory of my beer reserves on March 1 2013.

beer audit

The Beer Audit is the topic of today’s Session, the monthly gathering of beer bloggers. This time Pints and Pubs is the host. We’ve been asked to take stock of our beer.

So, here goes:

Fuggles Pale Ale

A simple pale ale brewed to explore Fuggles hops.

beer audit fuggles
1 x 1 litre
7 x 330ml
Total 3.33 litres

Mapuche Pale Ale

Another pale ale, this time to try out Mapuche hops.

beer audit mapuche
1 x 1 litre
Total 1 litre

Mapuche Special Bitter (MSB)

Very tasty special bitter, again designed around Mapuche hops.
beer audit msb
4 x 330ml
Total 1.33 litres

Nugget Pale Ale

Yet another single hop pale ale.
beer audit nugget
1 x 330ml
Total 0.33 litres

Otro Mundo Strong Red Ale

The only commercial beer is this bottle of Otro Mundo strong red ale.

beer audit otro mundo
1 x 330ml
Total 0.33 litres


The most recently brewed beer in the collection. I split the batch in three: one plain, and two with coffee of different intensities.

A miscalculation on bottling day means the unflavoured one is still in the fermenter.

beer audit coffee
1 x 6 litres
Total 6 litres

Porter (Medium Coffee)

beer audit coffee
2 x 1 litre
4 x 330ml
Total 3.33 litres

Porter (Strong Coffee)

beer audit coffee
2 x 1 litre
4 x 330ml
Total 3.33 litres

Saaz Pale Ale

The final single hop pale ale.

beer audit saaz
1 x 330ml
Total 0.33 litres


Remnants of a batch I brewed six months ago.

beer audit saison
2 x 330ml
Total 0.66 litres

Saison Unspiced

A recent brew that’s still maturing. This is without spices and was warm fermented to test against the original, spiced recipe.

beer audit saison unspiced batch

6 x 1 litre
1 x 660ml
6 x 500ml
8 x 330ml
Total 10 litres

William Younger’s Mild

The last couple of bottles of strong mild ale brewed for last year’s International Homebrew Project, organised by Alistair from Fuggled.

The strongest and oldest beer I’ve got.

beer audit ihp
2 x 330ml
Total 0.66 litres

Total 53 bottles, 31 litres (I think)

What Does The Beer Audit Tell Me?

This is the first time I’ve audited my beer. Usually I just drink it until it runs out, so in itself it’s been an interesting exercise.

But we’re also asked to explain what the inventory tells us.

The bulk of the stock is home brew. I prefer to buy draught beer, if possible, which explains the near lack of commercial offerings.

There’s also the fact that I’m not a beer hoarder and don’t buy bottles to lay down. Bought beer has a quick turnaround and is usually drunk the same day.

The low numbers of many of the beers suggest I get through new batches of home brew quickly, but can’t bring myself to open the last few bottles. Look at all those lonesome pale ales.

Most importantly, my beer audit reveals that I need to free up some bottles. I’ve got to make room for 6 litres of porter and the Burton Ale I’m brewing tomorrow.

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  1. Fascinating audit, and nice graphical overview. I’m glad you found this an interesting exercise, I only wish my bought beer had a similarly quick turnaround, rather than them fading away, hidden in boxes at the back of cupboards.

    Thanks for contributing!

    • John

      I guess I’m lucky I don’t have too many spare cupboards, making accumulation impossible.

      Thanks again for hosting!

  2. I agree – great visual way of showing off your collection. The saison/saison unspiced sounds like a great idea.

    • John

      Thanks. Although it tastes pretty good, the unspiced one has a slight alcoholic tang to it that I hope settles down over the next month or so.

      I just hope the rest of the spiced batch lasts that long, so I can compare the two.