Brew in a Bag

Brew in a bag is the perfect way to start all grain brewing – the techniques are simple and the results are great.

This detailed guide explains how to do it.

Learn how to brew in a bag

burton ale t4

A couple of months ago I brewed two ales using 19th Century recipes from the Truman brewery in Burton.

Here’s how they turned out.

Read about the Burton ales

finding beer balance

Finding beer balance: there’s more to life than beer, and more to beer than drinking it.

About finding beer balance

two beers from one mash

Last weekend I brewed my attempt at the International Homebrew Project Burton Ale.

After last year’s very strong mild left me feeling I’d missed a trick, this time I prepared myself for brewing two beers from the one mash.

Here’s how I planned it, and what actually happened.

Find out how to get two beers from one mash

beer audit

This is an inventory of my beer reserves on March 1 2013.

Read the beer audit

bottle carbonation time

Here are the results of a quick bottle carbonation experiment. How long should you wait before putting your beer in the fridge?

See what I found out about bottle carbonation time

home brewing calculations

Despite the amount of brew software that’s out there, it’s undoubtedly useful to be able to do your own brewing calculations.

I’ve been finding out how, and you can too if you want. All you have to do is keep reading!

Read all about home brewing calculations

special bitter recipe

I never tire of drinking bitters and ales and always enjoy brewing different versions of them.

This special bitter recipe was built around Mapuche hops, but you could easily substitute another to make it your own.

Take a look at the special bitter recipe

books about brewing beer

Reading about home brewing and beer is a fun way of finding out more about it. Almost as good as brewing itself.

So, here’s a round-up of three beer books I’ve enjoyed recently.

To the beer and brewing books

coffee porter recipe

Here are some notes and ideas for a porter recipe that includes coffee.

To the coffee porter recipe

beer glassware

Beer glassware is a subject that can run and run. Does it or does it not make a difference to the taste of beer?

Whatever the answer, here are some illustrations of the options!

Take a look at my illustrated collection of beer glassware

adding priming sugar to fermenter

Priming is an important part of home brewing. Without it you won’t have much foam or aroma and your brew won’t look at lot like beer.

So here’s a guide to priming sugar including how to use just the right amount.

More about priming sugar

single hops beers - mapuche, saaz and nugget hops

Brewing single hop beers is an easy way of trying out different hops. It also makes great beer.

I recently tasted three of my single hop beers side by side to see how much difference hop variety can make. This is how it went.

More about single hop beer